Check out what artists are saying about Aurora Strings and see what other artists jam with Aurora Strings. Here are some of our featured artists, musicians endorsed by Strings by Aurora.

Brian Cavo Band

“When you first see the colors you think okay, that’s cool, but when you hear from you say damn – now these strings are sweet!!”
Brian Smith, bassist for Cavo


“I never leave a venue without someone asking me where they can get a set for themselves. In my book, the only string company out there is Aurora Strings.”
Trey Jewell, Nashville Recording Artist


Bart Harris, Brett Michaels Band and Junk Food

“I love the strings, the company, the image! Looking down and seeing those strings pop off my bass makes me wonder why everyone doesn’t play them. I rock pink for October in honor of breast cancer research and my beautiful mother. I love the nitro tangerine, white, yellow, nitro lime, etc. They sound amazing. Looking amazing and allow you to express yourself in such a cool way.”
Bart Harris, bassist for Brett Michaels Band and singer/guitarist for the band Junkfood




Slant- Fahim

"Having these colored strings by Aurora on our guitars and basses adds to the finishing touch to when we're on stage. They stand out in the best way. Plus: solid tone and string response that lasts... They really are the brightest colors I've heard."
Fahim - Slant


Josh Slant

"These are the toughest strings I've played with. And never goes away" 
Josh – Slant


Munir, Bass Slant

"I use to be so paranoid with strings breaking on stage because I hit hard. These strings allow me to hit hard and they last. I've played more shows with a single pair of Aurora strings than I have with any other brand. The brightest sounding color that allows me to hit hard."
Munir - Slant


More musicians who take advantage of Aurora Strings technology and colors:

George Elmes, Ukulele player

Dirty Ray 

"Even as a drummer I noticed the guys never changed their strings through our whole Europe tour. They lasted ever night for 2 hour sets of rocking out. Pretty awesome." Jimmy Lee - Slant

Nicholas Tomlin

“I’ve never encountered a bass string that was more versatile or sounded better in over 40 years of playing the bass. Add to that their quality, aesthetics, responsiveness, and durability and it makes the choice of Aurora strings a no-brainer in my book.”

Nick - Pandemic Players