Posted by Chris Pelletier

Frankfurt, Germany - “Strings by Aurora” is proud to be bringing their line of colored guitar strings to Musikmesse. Aurora produces top of the line guitar strings that combine tried and true winding methods with the latest technology – producing the most brilliant and durable colors and coatings. Strings by Aurora, manufactured in Bridgeport, Connecticut, are the ONLY guitar strings that are made entirely from domestic components; truly 100% made in the USA. They use top-grade materials, fabricated from their own rod, sealed with their patented enamel coatings, and precision wound. All processes are meticulously over-seen by their master craftsmen, drawing on 60 years experience. The result is a truly unique product that is available in a multitude of colored and clear coated sets that sound as good as they look! Aurora produces the components used by most other string companies. And because they are the source, availability and selection are never an issue.

And new to Aurora’s lineup will be “ArkayUSA by Aurora”. Used internationally, the Arkay line has been known for over 70 years as a trusted, economical, basic guitar string. Arkay was acquired by Aurora just last year and will allow Strings by Aurora to fill every guitar string need.